Treadmill Repair San Jose

Your Best Treadmill Repair San Jose Services
Treadmills provide a relatively safe and yet effective cardiovascular workout. Often, the equipment requires repairs owing to the increasing frequency of use by fitness enthusiasts. The common treadmill repair San Jose customers include individuals, apartments, hotels, condos, police and fire departments, corporate fitness clubs, schools, training studios and other similar facilities.

Typically, service companies offer repairs for a wide range of equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines. Treadmills come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and features. Most treadmill repair companies extend service irrespective of the number of equipment. Ordinarily, the service is a call away.

The most common repairs are full service repair shops combining on-site factory authorized service provision and parts dealership. This means that several problems encountered with treadmills can be solved by one service provider. More often than not, you will get a customized package that will carter for all your repair needs. Below are some of the repairs that can help stem any further problems with your treadmill and potentially avoid customer downtime in cases of commercial gym facilities.

1. Servicing and repair of the belt

Servicing of the belt is important for a treadmill to ensure it is running properly. Too much friction on the running belt can cause the belt to heat up and not run smoothly. You will find treadmill repair services in San Jose that help in lubricating the belt to limit the amount of friction between the platform and belt. Also, if the belt is worn out because of friction, it can readily get replaced.

2. Maintenance of Motor

A faulty motor renders a treadmill virtually useless. Sometimes the problem is just a faulty cord or wire in the electricity circuit. The repair for non-working motor can involve the replacement or changing of the electricity circuit. Due to the cost implications in changing motor, thorough diagnosis is conducted prior to repair or replacement. 

3. Repair of the Display Console

A non-functional display console can be due to faulty power cables, worn out batteries, crimped cords. There is a large number of treadmill repair San Jose service providers that check the lengthy of the power cord and visible wires for any problems. You can also have any worn batteries or crimped cords replaced. Other related problems such as replacement of magnets in treadmills that uses magnetic pick up on the flywheel are sorted as well.

4. Managing Erratic Speed and Slipping Belt

Erratic speed makes the use of treadmills extremely uncomfortable and can lead to accidents. Repair for such problems include checking the speed setting and correcting if necessary. At times, with the right settings, the belt may exhibit hitching. This signifies that you need to change your belt. In addition, whenever you feel a slipping sensation while running on the treadmill, in signifies that you need to align and tighten the running belt. However, the belt should not be very tight. A qualified and repair and maintenance provider is key to ensuring that your speed is smooth and you wont slip.


There is a broad range of treadmill repair San Jose services that ensure your cardio exercises are as smooth as possible. The cost of these services is premised on proper diagnosis by a qualified professional. Check out for your full time treadmill repair services from the best trained and qualified professionals.